Get an early start on summer fruits with Lotte’s Blueberry Cream-Cheese Pie

Think of Lotte's new Blueberry Cream-Cheese Pie snack as an early treat. Blueberry season doesn't arrive in Japan until summer starts properly, the peak period for the fruit being July and August. These bite-sized snacks give anyone jonesing for some sweet blueberries a great substitute while they wait for the hottest season to start.

Lotte's mini-pie line has featured a wide variety of flavors throughout its existence, including obvious fillings such as chocolate and strawberry, along with special editions ranging from honey to maple-stuffed varieties. The original Lotte pies tend to lean towards the sweeter side, but the Blueberry Cream-Cheese Pie manages to top even that. What keeps it from being too much, though, is the flaky exterior, which adds a crunchy layer in front of the sweet central filling. It makes for just the right balance.

These are solid snacks, but -- as the box points out -- Lotte's little pies also appear to work wonders when combined with larger desserts, such as as a cake topping, or floating in yogurt. An intriguing proposition, but these treats do the job by themselves too, and should be a good fix before blueberry season rolls aroun