Candy maker Top Seika's kitschy gum is a mixed-bag of bizarre ideas

The market for kitsch trinkets may not be the most lucrative, but that hasn't deterred manufacturer Top Seika from producing a range of somewhat bizarre collectable gum packs. At 40 to 50 yen a piece, they won't have your wallet hurting, but you may find yourself questioning why you bought them in the first place. Well, we've done some of that work for you, and grabbed a few of these cards to check out.

Today's menu is chewing gum and novelty collectables. On the left we see "Scary Ghost Picture" cards accompanied by another horror-themed "Super Scary Stories" card. Situated on the right is "Weird Faces: 48 Looks!" and a "Make a Face Gum" set. So far, not a whole lot of this is making much sense, so let's open them up and see what's inside! Here we go!

"Scary Ghost Picture"

Oh dear. It's scarier than we imagined. Can you spot the two ghosts? What if we told you there are actually three!? And what's that in the upper right? A white square of some substance. This must be the "gum" that is included in each pack. No real need to chew it though—it's awful.

"Super Scary Stories"
Alright, we're ready to open up item number two, the "Super Scary Stories" gum. Unfortunately, as we grasp our hands along the exterior plastic seam and begin to tear, the contents are ripped in half along with the packaging. What comes out is a severed piece of paper with a spooky story in Japanese. It's not very spooky. The spookiest part is imagining how long ago the gum's expiration date passed...

"Make a Face Gum"

That's more like it. Enough of the scary stories, let's have fun with faces! Inside we find one character card, a pack of stickers, and of course, the dubious gum. Take the stickers, stick on the faces, and before you know it, you've made yourself a whole new face! It's actually pretty fun, as demonstrated here:

"Weird Faces: 48 Looks!"

Need a cheap disguise? Here's a simple solution. Open the package, take out the plastic eye cover, and suddenly you're transformed into a whole new person! Just like the little kid on the cover, you too can discover a whole new world of secret identities. Good luck!

When manufacturer Top Seika isn't busy producing these goofy original trinkets, they're licensing the rights for Pokemon and Super Mario sets too! We imagine those are selling better than the original line introduced here, but who can deny the strange appeal of useless, kitschy products. So when you find yourself sifting through the lower bargain bin box at the Japanese souvenir shop, consider these as an option.