Yamayoshi’s new caviar potato chips give us a glimpse into a life of luxury

Tokyo boasts some of the nicest restaurants and cuisine in the world. Said venues and menus also happen to be as expensive as heck. Living a life of luxury seems pretty pointless after glancing at the prices that come with it. Besides, there are plenty of substitutes for those craving a taste of the fancy-pants lifestyle, such as Yamayoshi's caviar-flavored potato chips, a taste of the one percent for under two dollars.

The biggest barrier to enjoying these snacks, however, is the smell. These black-speckled chips don't smell bad per se, but they certainly smell strong. Pop open the bag and brace yourself for sensory overload. The actual taste of the food itself, though, is less overwhelming. The taste of caviar isn't over the top -- the potato-y goodness of Yamayoshi's chips comes through clearest -- but rather adds a nice touch that never monopolizes the taste buds. Yamayoshi realizes having just the right amount trumps having too much.

Don't bank on decadence when eating these caviar chips, but rather a well-balanced snack that offers a glimpse of the good life without going overboard. It's all the better for it.