Pine Ame's new sister product, Kiwi Ame, is the sweet and hard candy you've been looking for all along.

Long-selling hard candy Pine Ame (the pine is for pineapple, duh!) has a new sister product on the market. It's called Kiwi Ame, and instead of the original pineapple flavoring, Kiwi Ame is flavored with, you guessed it, kiwi. It's not the easiest thing to find, as it's currently only available at Family Mart. But we went out of our way to grab a package and see what this new hard candy has to offer.

It's a small bag, filled with small little rings, yellow in color, and slightly sticky to the touch. As advertised, these are "half sized" ringlets. Sweet, sharp and robust, each ring will provide a long-lasting party of playful sweet kiwi flavor. Overall, a simple candy, but one that can satisfy a whole range of demographics, from kids to grandparents.

All photos by Bakemono Ltd.