Fit's gives us a nostalgia-filled experience of gum chewing thanks to Mario and Luigi

Mario and Luigi first made their debut in the video game world some three decades ago, thanks to a gentleman named Shigeru Miyamoto. As the best selling video game franchise of all time, the two characters are recognizable across the world, with or without massive product tie-ins and third-party advertising campaigns. Nonetheless, chewing gum brand Fit's saw fit to expand the siblings' ubiquitousness, putting the pair on two new flavors of gum.

Mario's Invincible Star (gingerale flavor)It's a good name for a gum. Presumably you eat these and you are showered momentarily in invincibility, just like in the video game. While the invincibility this gum provides is dubious, the actual gum itself offers a more typical experience. The flavor is not particularly memorable, but this is probably not the main intent of a Mario-themed gum.

Luigi's Limitless Level Up (melon soda flavor)The melon soda flavor of Luigi's Limitless Level Up tastes slightly better than Mario's Invincible Star. Indeed, not a bad way to entertain your jaws for a while.

The real appeal of these chewing gums is their giftable potential. That is to say, there are likely to be any number of people in your life who are just dying to get their hands on one of these limited items. The nostalgia factor of Mario and Luigi alone are enough to dismiss any concerns about the actual flavor of this treat. Good luck tracking these down though; we found ourselves hunting for them for hours!