After a quick visit this spring, the orange-flavored Mikan Chip is back for the summer!

These chips originally hit store shelves in Japan last December, and though we at mogmog tried to buy a bag of these Mikan snacks, they turned out to be extremely popular, and quickly vanished from the supermarkets and convenience stores (sadly leaving us without any to eat). Due to their popularity, the Mikan Chips have been brought back for the summer....and have remained equally hard to find since coming back. Until recently, when we found one solitary bag of them in a nearby supermarket.

So, after such a long wait, are they tasty?

The Mikan Chips aren't the only fruit-flavored variety of snacks to come from the same company. They also put out a banana and peach flavored number earlier this year. Both of those were misses; the fruit taste rushed in first, followed by an awkward chip flavor, with neither mixing well. The Mikan variety, though, manages to rise above the trappings of the previous chips, and the flavors blend better together. Maybe it's because citrus works better as a flavoring than bananas and peaches, but the Mikan Chips strike just the right balance between sweet and salty.

Now we know why they couldn't keep these things in stock the first time around.