Calbee brings Japan’s seafood to the snack aisle with scallop potato chips

Those folks living in coastal cities sure have it nice when it comes to seafood. Inland inhabitants in Japan certainly have access to delicious bites from the ocean, but is isn't quite the same as those living steps from the beach. It's fresher, and folks have a chance to enjoy it outside near the shore. C'mon, that's just not fair during the summer. To compensate, Calbee have released a special scallop-flavored snack. Grab a pack and head over to a nearby fountain, city dwellers.

The experience might not quite be the same as fresh scallop, but these potato snacks offer enough of a seafood taste to fill any immediate cravings. The fear with any snackfood boasting a flavor hailing from the ocean is that it will go overboard and end up tasting too fishy -- nobody wants a chip that tastes like it was floating in the surf. These snacks, though, offer a subtle (and somewhat smoky!) scallop taste that never overwhelms the taste buds too much. It's just the right amount of scallop flavor, and these things are really easy to munch down quickly. Now, get a few and head down to your nearest beach to enhance the experience.