Snack maker Calbee ups the seaweed ratio in their new Strong Nori Salt potato chip

The nori (seaweed) potato chip's been a staple in Japanese stores for quite some time, and nori-dusted snacks receive premium shelf space alongside more classic flavors. The Calbee company, however, has a new proposition: what if we took the nori chip to another level?


Enter their Strong Nori Salt snack, which implies a far more powerful seaweed-laced experience than your standard issue variation. Indeed, even the individual chips are greener than usual, adorned with larger seaweed flakes. The taste is appropriately sharper too – the nori flavor being more immediate and lingering longer with each bite. Yet it also isn't too overwhelming. Consider it a slight boost over the milder versions, a welcome treat for nori lovers without ever turning into a bad day at the beach.