Two traditional Japanese tastes collide together in new flavor of crunchy snack Happy Turn


An easy way to enliven a famous Japanese snack is to simply embrace some traditional flavors. Nearly every brand of chip or bite-sized treat born in Japan has eventually brought out special flavors skewing towards the nation's most notable dishes -- think "wasabi" or "red bean paste." It isn't a shock, then, to see crunchy foodstuff Happy Turn roll out a special flavor celebrating some Japanese flavors. It is, however, a bit daring to combine two into one snack with the new ume wasabi variety.


The two flavors at the heart of this snack aren't opposites -- they often compliment one another in Japanese dishes -- but usually a food maker highlights just one flavor when it comes to convenience-store-ready bites. Happy Turn's combo move, though, isn't flawless -- instead of a perfect balance, the wasabi flavor gets more tastebud-attention than the ume. That's not a bad thing, though, as the sweet taste of the latter helps chase away the sharper heat of the former. They might not be balanced, but Happy Turn's latest special offering finds the two flavors working in tandem to create a solid eat.