We take a deep breath and try out Puccho’s newest flavor: Salty Salmon

Some things are better left undone. Unfortunately, the people who make chewy candy Puccho never got the memo. Going against all standards of taste, they've just released a salmon-flavored version. Typical flavors include grape, and cola. Salmon just doesn't seem to fit the bill. Let's see how it holds up.

Puccho Salty Salmon

Not sure what to expect, we grudgingly take a nibble.

Nope! This is no candy, it's a cruel and unusual punishment. The only thing we can imagine this being used for for ruining parties and pranking friends (who will cease to be your friends not long after eating them). The outside is sweet, as is typical of all Puccho flavors. But the real kicker comes in the middle, where a yellow cylinder is mischievously placed. It's that nodule of disgusting goo that explodes with salmony salt upon biting down. Horrific and gag-inducing, I have to brush my teeth an extra time immediately after eating. The horror…

It shouldn't surprise you to hear that Puccho's manufacturer is a company called UHA Mikakuto. In the candy world, they're known for pulling stunts and pranks. For example. they recently used Puccho to launch a rocket into the atmosphere. This on the other hand, is a whole other level of "prank." It doesn't look like Salty Salmon is going to be on the shelves much longer, and for that we are both relieved, but also a little terrified as to what they'll replace it with — hopefully not fish eggs.