Meiji keeps things classy with extra rich biscuits

One way to discern quality in Japan is to examine the packaging. A good rule of thumb is that the more something's been wrapped in plastic, the better it is. It may be wasteful, but when it comes to food and snacks, this culture is based around sharing and gifting, so wrapping comes in handy. Sweets are common currency in the workplace and among friends, so individual servings tidily wrapped up helps the culture function harmoniously.


So when we saw these Meiji Rich Biscuits in the convenience store the other day, we were intrigued both by their packaging and price. At 200+ yen with only 6 cookies contained, these cookies are for living large with your friends, and sure enough, opening them up reveals three separately wrapped packages of two cookies each. Four is an unlucky number, so good luck splitting these with an even-numbered group of friends — it's not happening!

Rich Orange
These may look like Oreos, but they don't taste like Oreos. The outer chocolate cookie is much denser. Rather than crunching down in a flaky explosion of crumbs, this cookie condenses inwards with each bite. A glass of milk is highly recommended as it will make the chewing process much more rewarding. As for the taste, we enjoy! Citrus and chocolate is an oft-overlooked combination.

Rich Strawberry
On the other hand, strawberry and chocolate is an easy match. Delicious and luxurious.

All in all, these biscuits look good, taste good, and will make good snacking gifts for the friends and co-workers in your life when you're looking to cough up a few more yen than usual for a special treat.