Our love for ramen carries over to the candy aisle thanks to this sweet DIY ramen

Photo via Yuichi Kosio (CC 2.0)

It's quite well documented that the Japanese love ramen. Hit up any of the highly touted ramen restaurants in Tokyo or any other decent-sized city across the country and you'll probably find a line wrapping around the block. This isn't just a lunch or dinner phenomenon either -- some of the real legendary joints command lines from the mornings until closing time. That's real devotion to a meal.

And now that love carries over to the sweets section of the grocery store with a do-it-yourself candy ramen by Kracie called the Poppin' Cookin Ramen Shop.


Image via youtube

This treat, retailing for about 160 yen, comes with everything you'll need to make the sweet snack. And it really does does fall on you to make it -- the kit comes with molds to help you shape the gummy candy elements, whether that be folding your own chewy gyoza or making noodles. It's pretty straightforward and makes for an interesting item to look at. Just keep in mind this won't deliver an authentic ramen taste, as every part of this kit boasts either a soda or cola taste.

Here's a video to help you out...