Meiji Fruit Gummy’s provide a healthy balance of nutrition and indulgence

Who thought you could have your cake and eat it to? Not only are these Meiji Fruit Gummy's yummy, they're also packed with nutrition: iron and collagen to be exact! They're called Oishiku Tetsubun (that means "delicious iron intake"), which is quite a strange name for an otherwise great snack.

Given the health properties of these candies, they're being heavily marketing towards women's beauty. According to the Japanese government, women in their 20s lack 4mg of iron in their daily diet. Can you guess how many milligrams of iron are in a serving of these gummies? That's right! 4mg!

The collagen is an added bonus, as immaculate skin care regimens are all the rage in Japan.

Though these gummies are clearly marketed towards women, men need to worry, I ate a whole pack of these and I feel amazing!