Purunto Konyaku Jelly pouches take us on a bizarre journey into a gooey and sugary world

Jello has long struggled in the snack world. Long affiliated with musty grandmas and Sunday afternoon gatherings, it usually remains the last item on the buffet tray, slowly festering in the warmth of the summer heat.

But no longer! These Purunto Konyaku Jelly pouches take that heaping mound of jello and turn them into succulent bite-size packages. Open the tab, give a firm squeeze, and watch the sugary goo ooze out.

That's not all, these "jello" snacks are actually made of konyaku, which is a traditional Japanese health food made of potatoes. Low in calories, and rich in fiber, and on top of that, the lychee juice packed inside provides a pleasant burst of tangy goodness.