Take that Pocky stick and turn it inside out! What do you get? It’s called Toppo!!

With Pocky's overwhelming popularity throughout the world, it's no surprise that other brands are trying their own twist on the chocolate candy stick. Toppo does just that, turning their chocolate biscuit stick inside out.

There's no need to worry about melting chocolate or sticky fingers, as the chocolate is sheathed by its cylindrical biscuit. Upon crunching down on each stick, a soft strawberry chocolate filling reveals itself. The fruity sweetness on the filling mixes pleasantly with the subtle, slightly savory flavor of the biscuit.

Two individually wrapped servings of around 10 sticks fill each box, so you can split your snack up throughout the day without worrying about them going stale. This was all in vain though, as we quickly finished the whole pack in mere minutes. Suffice it to say that Toppo is the tops!