With Japanese soul food as its inspiration, Dondon Yaki is a big hit!

Looking beyond ubiquitous foods like sushi and ramen, Japan is also home to a more saucy and savory type of cuisine. It starts with yakisoba, which you probably already know, and then moves into more unexplored territory. I'm referring to okonomiyaki and monjayaki. These are the soul foods of Osaka and Tokyo respectively, and they are characterized by a hefty dousing of "sauce" (something more or less resembling Worcester sauce).

Okonomiyaki (Osaka's claim to fame)

Courtesy of Flickr (CC License 2.0)

Monjayaki (Tokyo's less attractive version of Okonomiyaki)

Courtesy of Flickr (CC License 2.0)

Well, just as we in the west celebrate our BBQ tradition with BBQ-flavored potato chips, this Japanese snack called "Dondon Yaki" is a celebration of the okonomiyaki and monjayaki tradition. These hard and compact crisps are coated in the same-tasting sauce of the pan-fried dishes that they get their inspiration from.


We're all in agreement: these are addicting and delicious. And as always, the packaging is cute and clean.

ALSO! Bonus fact!!! What's with this name "Dondon yaki?" Here's a hint. You see that big drum the two women are playing on the front of the packaging? "Dondon" is an onomonopia for beating, hitting and drumming. Remember that next time you find yourself playing the drums in Japan!